Things you should know about javascript

1.What are Javascript Truthy and Falsy values?

While checking any condition, Javascript takes some specific values as true or false by default. If the value we are checking is a number and if its value is 0, it takes it as falsy value, and if its value is anything other than 0 like 1,2,3, etc it is considered truthy. If the value to be checked is a string, an empty string(“”) is considered to be false. Anything inside the string other than that, like “ ”, “false”,”0” is considered truthy. All values are truthy except they are defined as falsy (i.e., …

What is React?

React is a JavaScript library and its main focus is to build user interfaces. Many people mistake it as a framework but it’s not a framework, it’s a library and we can use other libraries with React to make a solution. That’s what makes react unique and more favorable. We just have to tell React that what we want on the UI and react will build that for us. React introduced us to the idea of virtual dom, which reconciles the actual dom.

React is a library

Frameworks have certain rules and regulations comparing to libraries. When you are working with a framework you…

ES6 Traits-Block binding and Functions


Javascript binding is different from the concept of binding in other object-oriented languages. Javascript binding does not depend on the time or place of its declaration, it depends on how it is declared. Using different keywords while declaring the variable like var, let or const affects the hoisting of that variable.

var declaration and hoisting

When a variable is declared using javascript, the variable acts like it is declared at the top of that function not inside. So that it can be accessed from all the parts of that function. …

If you want to start working as a web developer, one programming language you have to get familiar with is Javascript. It is one of the most favored programming languages, used by almost 12 million web developers all over the world. And its community is booming every day.

Now that you understand how big the hype of javascript is, let’s know what it is and what it does?
In simple words, Javascript is a programming language that makes websites interactive. We can build static websites with HTML and CSS but javascript gives it life. For many years, Javascript has been ruling…


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